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More about.. All Anthems Disco

Back in 1994 Myself & School friend Jonathan shared a love for music & technology. We put our heads together & purchased a retired DJs kit for £50! This included those old Wooden light boxes with the colored Glass bulbs, a spinning police light & a beefy Sony hifi as our sound system! We were just kids having fun & I can remember the excitement we got every time we fired it all up & had a play. I can remeber playing Dancing Queen & absolutely buzzing! Those sessions would usually go on for 2 or so hours. or so. We named ourselves Industrial Strength Disco & later, a more modern Millenium Discos

All music at that point was cd based - we used a Philips portable cd player, a commodore CDTV & a realistic mixer with cool analog VU meters!

Our first gig was for a School friend of mine called Charlene. At the time Boom boom boom by the Outhere Brothers had just come out - that tune was requested about 8 times that night! I found myself in the deep end thanks to my friend dissapearing with Charlene, but all went pretty well otherwise haha. We charged £50 for that disco. £45 was put towards new gear & i was given £5 pay! Despite the poverty pay, i was buzzing about it and felt excited about the future.. In the following year we continued to build on the system and do parties for friends and the local youth club.


Tragedy Strikes..

In 1996 tragedy 

hit & my DJ partner Jonathan was badly injured in a car accident. This put everything on hold for at least a year. In the meantime I had managed to pick up some secondhand Record decks with pitch control. I spent a few years learning to beat mix early Jungle & Breakbeat hardcore (Aka Rave) During this period I started spending a lot of my income on Vinyl & very much enjoyed checking out record shops , usually at the weekend. I would frequent Dance 2 in Guilford & Fusion in Portsmouth, alongside HMV. This took me to various towns and cities around the south east. & London. 

In 1997 I started a part time sound engineering course at a college in London.

Change in direction -  DJing & Promoting


In around 1998 we decided to get serious & form our own sound system and start doing our own nights & very soon we were doing just that, at a popular pub in exchange for free drinks. This worked well and I was excited to be playing some fresh uplifting hard dance & took full advantage of the free drinks too!

Cornwall Calling!

In 1999 it was all change, my family had decided to move to Cornwall & having grown sick of my day job in Guildford, I decided to go with them. This meant starting a fresh & I started studying sound engineering at Truro College - I very much enjoyed that course & did very well. 

If I had a little Money...

In around 2001 I needed a job & thought heck, why not just start a Disco again.. Its something I secretly enjoyed & would be kind of cool to start again & see how it goes. Having picked up a Trailer, made from the rear end of a reliant Robin, I relaunched as "Del Boys Disco!"

Having done a handful of local gigs in Cornwall & gradually built up a basic setup, by 2003 I was DJing on a regular basis up in Oxford where i was studying Youth & Community work. During this time i developed a youth DJ & music making club & taught several Young people key skills & helped put them on stage at events & record their own productions in the studio.

Back to Kernow & getting connected

A return to Cornwall in 2007 led to meeting my Mobile DJ mentor & best man Kris Kool. Kris had been a pro DJ for over 20 years & clearly had the next level experience I could only dream of. Thankfully with Kris's support I was able to start taking on higher profile gigs & that helped me to do things on another level.

In 2008 I had a think about what would put me at the top of the list in the yellow pages & came up with the new name All Anthems Disco. I had also foolishly assumed all my music preferences were the best too - hence i would only play all the anthems & no crap - however I soon realised that approach would never work & have since widened my musical appreciation as a result. 

Over the last 10 years or so, i have enjoyed regular gigs for all sorts of events & crowds, from a small wedding for 15, to a massive crowd at Boardmasters Festival in August 2023.

If you read this far, thank you! For more please read our frequently asked questions page & more about DJ Dan

Thanks for reading & i hope you have an idea of where things have been and where things are at! Please feel free to get in touch below


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