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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do you take Requests

A: Yes! I love to hear your ideas & its always cool to discover my next record is exactly what im being asked to play! Requests are played as soon as possible but not always immediately. When you book with us, your then welcome to submit your chosen favs in advance. Its also worth getting suggestions from your friends and family too., that way your ahead of the game & your DJ has a good idea of what to go with.

Q: How much do you charge?

Prices vary depending on the date, venue & duration. The Cheapest prices tend to favor the mid week bookings.  When booking, you can pay a deposit, then pay the rest in parts of you wish. This makes the payment process much more manageable. If your concerned about the cost, you can always hire equipment from just £100,

Q: When & how do I pay?

A: Once i have quoted you for your event & your happy, the next step is to send an invoice via email. That will include all payment info & the event specifics. Once you have paid a minimum deposit amount, the date is booked and confirmed. The balance should be paid prior to the event date. This can be made in installments to suit you. Cash payments are welcome, although most find its easier to pay via card or bank transfer.

Q: Can i give you a playlist?

A: Yes of course you can. Please give a range of suggested tunes you and your friends and family would love to DANCE to. Weather thats a slow dance, upbeat or a singalong. Ultimately its about music that brings you all together on the dance floor. I dont accept running order lists because they never work. The best approach is to give me your best suggestions of up to 20-30 songs and ill take care of the rest.

Q: How long do you take to setup?

A: A compact setup can take as little as 30 mins. A more extensive setup with added subwoofers & karaoke will take up to one hour. Pack down is usually a little quicker.

Q: What time do you go on till? Can you set up earlier in the day?

A: I generally prefer to keep bookings to a 4 hour time frame. An 11pm finish is preferable to me & seems to be a more common finish time for clients too. If you wish to go on to midnight and beyond its a possibility, just ask and ill see what i can offer. I can either set up right before the event (1hr) Or apon arrangement earlier in the day. This is often required for weddings when there are other things happening in the venue during the day.

Q: Do you have any restrictions on where you can and cant play?

A: Due to my asthma i avoid playing in any venue with a fire / log-burner. In June I avoid fields and barns due to hay fever.

Q: How much height and width do you require? 

A: For a compact setup i would need 8ft width, 6ft height. If using the overhead lighting rig, i need 9ft in height. A flat, stable surface is required for performances on stages, in marquees & boats.

Q: Do you actually mix the music like proper DJs, eg Carl Cox?

A: Yes, I learned to mix by ear so although i have the benefit of digital music files & DJ software, i can mix most records to create smooth / seamless transitions. Where this is not possible or appropriate i can just drop the next song in or play songs back to back. 

Q: Do you talk a lot on the mic?

A: I use the mic more towards the start of the event in order to welcome guests, make myself known & make important announcements. Throughout the rest of the night i will use the mic from time to time in order to enhance the atmosphere & make further announcements as required.. In my opinion, an MC's job is to compliment the music, not dominate it.


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